Damn. And I already have tickets to X-Men -The Last Stand: Trends In Transhumanism or Just A Comic Book Movie?

The Bush Cabinet. (Colin Powell has since left)

I think that The Heritage Foundation is starting to slip a little:

“24” and America’s Image in
Fighting Terrorism:
Fact, Fiction, or Does it Matter?

Friday, June 23, 2006


Rush Limbaugh
Host, The Rush Limbaugh Show


The Honorable Michael Chertoff
Secretary, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

James Jay Carafano
Senior Research Fellow,
Defense and Homeland Security,
The Heritage Foundation

David Heyman
Director and Senior Fellow,
Homeland Security Program, CSIS

Howard Gordon
Executive Producer and Writer, “24”

Joel Surnow
Executive Producer, Creator and Writer, “24”

Robert Cochran
Executive Producer, Creator and Writer, “24”

PLUS Members of the “24” Cast:

Gregory Itzin – “President Charles Logan”

Mary Lynn Rajskub – “Chloe O’Brian”

Carlos Bernard – “Tony Almeida”

This is a ticketed, invitation only event and is sold out.

I think it would be really coool in they could get Jack Bauer to crash through a skylight midway through the program. Cliff May would positively squeal with delight…

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