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Sponsors keep rolling in for Gay Games

This has to get Miss LaBarbera’s knickers in a twist. His pressure tactics and rants about corporate sponsors of the 2006 Gay Games, to be held in Chicago, haven’t worked.

Despite condemnation by a conservative Christian group of corporations sponsoring next month’s Gay Games the number of companies lining up to put their names behind the event continues to grow.

The latest big corporations to become sponsors are ESPN and QTG – the maker of Quaker Oats, Tropicana juice and Gatorade.

Gay Games organizers announced the additional sponsors at Mayor Daley’s annual Pride reception Monday night.

Chicago-based QTC has become a Global Gay Games Sponsor. Gatorade will be the Official Sports Drink of the 2006 Gay Games and will provide sideline hydration at all Gay Games sports. In addition, Tropicana and Quaker will be feeding the athletes and volunteers nutritious and wholesome breakfasts and snacks throughout the week.

Sports network ESPN will be a sponsor of the Opening Ceremony Fireworks.

The Illinois Family Institute and the AFA have been boycotting Kraft — it wouldn’t pull its sponsorship, thumbing its nose at the fundies, nor did Walgreens.

The Illinois Bureau of Tourism also felt the wrath (to no effect) of the undercover leather scene investigator.

.We doubt the exaggerated claims of “gay” activists who say the “Gay Games” will bring in $50 million in tourist money to Illinois. Homosexuals may be better off financially than the average Joe, but I doubt they can spend THAT much! After all, as reported by the “gay” press, the homosexual “Games” have been a financial disaster in Montreal and Amsterdam, where they were held before.

But even if the “Gay Games” does bring significant tourist money into Chicago, there are some things that are far more important than money. It is simply wrong to promote homosexuality and other immoral behaviors in the name of sport. Send a message to your government that money isn’t everything. We don’t want Illinois being known as a homosexual tourist mecca.

Peter’s flailing because of nothing is going his way, so he has ratcheted up the vitriol; one of his mewlings has been about the fact that an HIV+ ban was lifted by the government to allow those athletes with that status to compete.

Today we call upon President Bush and Congress to rescind the newly-granted waiver for HIV-infected travelers participating in or attending the “Gay Games,” an athletic event drawing homosexuals from across the world to Chicago. These homosexual “games” already officially promote dangerous sexual activity: Steamworks, a 24/7 Chicago gay bathhouse, where men go for anonymous sex with other men, is listed as a “business sponsor” on the “Gay Games” website. And both Steamworks and another Chicago bathhouse, Man’s Country, are listed in the “Parties & Events” section of the “Games'” website. (Man’s Country is also listed as a “sponsor” of the “Gay Games.”)…Inviting thousands of HIV-infected visitors to a “Gay Games” celebration that officially promotes promiscuity will only put Chicagoans at risk and help spread HIV.

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