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Perfect Storm?


Have been cruising around the various news reports of the day, the blogs, and the teevee reporting, and there is a huge confluence of events all swirling around right now, any one of which is big and ugly on its own…but when you see them all moving at the same time together, you have to wonder if there is something ugly on the horizon.

Here’s just a sample from today thus far:

The Muckraker has an extensive reading of the report from McCain’s Indian Affairs Committee on Jack Abramoff’s dealings, and the fall-out from this goes wide.  (And let me say that the folks at the Muck, especially Paul Kiel, are my heroes today, slogging through all of this — I just don’t have the wherewithal to deal with the details today, worrying about Jane, and I’m so grateful that they have this covered.) 

Some of the highlights:  (1)  Ralph Reed is "an ideologue as far as the cash goes."  (Yeeeowch!); (2) Rep. Bob Ney appears to have lied to Senate investigators.  (Yeeeowch!); (3) Did I mention that Ralph Reed is "kind of like hypocritical"?  (Double yeooowch!); (4) Michael Scanlon is "DeLay’s dirty tricks guy."  (Yeeeowch!)

And it just keeps going and going.  Guess what I’ll be reading this weekend…

— "Mr. I Can’t Name the 10 Commandments. Even Though I’m Sponsoring a Bill on Them" is leading a coalition of Southern Republicans to sink the renewal of the Voting Rights Act.  Classy.

— Sen. Arlen Specter has actually scheduled a hearing on the signing statements issue for Tuesday.  Well, let’s see if there’s really an attempt at oversight, or just the usuall ass-covering maneuvers.

Froomkin is a must read today.

— Global warming?  Heating up.

And that’s just a tiny sampling.  Please, add the stories that you’ve been reading to the mix in the comments threads, and see if you don’t sense it, too.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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