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An Army of Forty-somethings

Rumsfailed’s war is going so well that even middle-aged guys like me are now getting the chance to become IED fodder in the War (to find Saddam’s WMDs to liberate the Iraqi people from Saddam to give the Iraqi people free elections to install an American oil-company-friendly puppet government that will accept a permanent American military presence on their soil) on Terror.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Army, aiming to make its recruiting goals amid the Iraq war, raised its maximum enlistment age by another two years on Wednesday, while the Army Reserve predicted it will miss its recruiting target for a second straight year.

People can now volunteer to serve in the active-duty Army or the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard up to their 42nd birthday after the move aimed at increasing the number of people eligible to sign up, officials said.

It marked the second time this year the Army has boosted the maximum age for new volunteers, raising the ceiling from age 35 to 40 in January before now adding two more years.

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