Tears of a clown

Irrelevancy makes the baby Jason cry

I’m not exactly sure what Jason Zengerle has against Kos or the other blogs other than the fact that he works for the faux-liberal financial suckhole that is The New Republic which makes the National Review look like a Warren Buffet investment. But he has created quite the inside blogball kerfuffle.

Following up on this, why did so many of the people on the “Townhouse” e-mail list follow Kos’s orders to stay silent about the Armstrong story and the Kosola allegations? Part of it, I’m sure, has to do with their political allegiances to Kos. But let’s not underestimate their financial allegiances.

As you can see, my blog is advertising free because I’m living comfortably (having sagely invested in Klonopin futures, pre-9/11) and I’m not part of the Liberal Advertising Mafia (“Nice little blog you got there, Commie boy. Be a shame if nobody read it“) so I wasn’t in on the doubleplus supersecret mailing list which had coded instructions to avoid…you knowwink winknod nod.. blog no more, blog no more. I just didn’t see what the big whoop was about. But, as we all know, it’s not the crime – it’s the cover-up.

Unless it is about Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame.

That doesn’t count.

And it’s not as if Jason Zengerle enjoys dumping on those who are more liberal than thou. As he once said:

“If there’s a theme that attracts me, it’s pieces that are somewhat sad; I much prefer to write in sorrow than in anger. I don’t like to rail. But I’ll rail when I have to.”

So it is, in sorrow, that Jason seems to think that he has a big scoop here which puts him in line to be the next Bob Woodward and with that comes fame, fortune and the inevitable selling out. But since he works at The New Republic, two of those three are non-starters.

As for the third one: Mission Accomplished.

(Added) One Trick Pony Jeff Goldstein reduces everything down to the one area of expertise that he has…besides knowing 1001 Things To Do With Your Dick, I mean:

The modern progressive movement—which is founded upon loyalty to established narratives and which defines its members by that loyalty—has nearly completed its transformation from a coalition group interested in guiding policy to an identity group, where membership is thought of in ontological terms. Which is why Kos doesn’t allow that TNR could be comprised of liberals/progressives who disagree with his tactics and/or strategies; instead, they are now essentially right wingers. Which is to say, they are defined by their Otherness.

I think that the only thing that keeps Goldstein’s wife from smothering him with a pillow while he sleeps is the high cost of daycare in America.

Then again, everyone has a breaking point…

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