Pre-Friday Random Ten

I know sometimes I just have to leave
In the night, while you’re fast asleep
But I don’t worry, I move in the dark
There were lights, there were border lights
I thought I heard that drum in the distance playing
I turned around, I crossed my heart and beat angels were there

Okay. Last week a certain Limp Bizkit song popped up and much merriment was made at my expense. Let me just warn you that there is the potential for a few more Bizkit songs to show their face and let’s just say that anyone with any smart-ass comments had better hope that no Rush, Journey or Pavement songs pop up on their list.

It could get real ugly. So just behave.

Understood? Okay then…

Abbatoir Blues – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
I Missed the Point – Neko Case
Sparkys Dream – Teenage Fanclub
Red Tan – The Raveonettes
Pinball – Stereolab
Sacrifice – The Roots
Beat Angels – Rickie Lee Jones
Walk In The Fire – Doves
The Magdalene Laundries – The Chieftains with Joni Mitchell
A Little Warm Death – Cassandra Wilson

Bonus #11: Son of A Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield.

Looks like nobody is going to get hurt this week…

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