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Kansas fundies dazed and confused by TM group

“Basically, our objection is that this is a religion and a sect of Hinduism and they’re not being honest and up front about that with people. We see that as a spiritual danger.”

— Greg Hubbard, pastor of Evangelical Free Church

Transcendental Meditation. How sixties is that? Smith Center, Kansas won’t know what hit them. The Global Country of World Peace is planning to build facilities in the area — “peace palaces,” a “coherence-creating center “– man, this is nuts and granola stuff — as well as a broadcast compound…sorry, it’s making me laugh. To make the situation evn more colorful, this is one of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s efforts. Start playing the sitar in the Great Beyond, George

Anyway, the arrival of the TM group is scaring the locals. I’m sure at the first sign of yogic flying, they’ll be out in full force to counter demonic possession. (AgapePress):

The organization, which promotes yoga and meditation, says it has no religious affiliation and one can practice these techniques while belonging to any faith.

Pastor Hubbard seriously questions the group’s claims, however. In April, he and other pastors sent a signed letter to the local newspaper stating that the TM group’s members “are welcome” but must recognize that they and the church are at odds, “competing for the eternal souls of people.” Neither freedom of religion nor property rights are at issue, he insists — the blatant untruthfulness of the New Age group is.

This latest construction plan marks the second time the Global Country of World Peace has tried to build in Smith Center, Hubbard points out. The Kansas clergyman says the group attempted to move in ten years ago but failed, mainly because of a lack of receptivity among the townspeople. The New Agers offered to hold town meetings to address area residents’ discomfort, but many local citizens were merely confused by the unfamiliar terminology the group used.

…[Alert! Hate disclaimer ahead…] While he does not hate these people, Hubbard says he and other townspeople are opposed to their teachings. “It could be any one of a number of divergent religious groups and we would still have the same problem,” he explains.

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Pam Spaulding