The hits from the fifties

I have in my hand…

Let’s see….we have an unpopular homo-hatin’ Senator who is about to lose his job and wonders how he is going to pull down the big bucks to feed his family since he won’t have a PAC to pick up his Starbucks tab anymore. So he shows up with a fake list of Communists WMD’s to booga!-booga! the populace…..and the goobers who are watching their war tumble down around their ears point and say, “See! See!”.

It’s official: Rick Santorum is in his last throes…

And here is your very special Special Ed moment:

I think that we have known of a handful of recovered chemical-weapons shells, but not 500. That number has more significance. An artillery company could have laid down a very effective attack on an enemy position, quickly killing or disabling them in a manner outlawed for decades. Of course, that had been the entire point of the UN Security Council resolutions — to strip Saddam of that capability — and he obviously retained it, and lied about it

.Later followed by:

The DoD reminds people that these munitions likely would not have worked if deployed and were not necessarily the WMD that intel agencies reported. However, they also acknowledged that Saddam’s retention of his Gulf War munitions shows his deception to the UN and the cease-fire powers

Tell you what: If the neocons can find someone at the CPA to remember where they put that $9 billion they misplaced in 2003, maybe they can figure out how Saddam misplaced 500 artillery shells from pre-1991.

Don’t expect an email from Michael Ledeen on that one.

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