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Observations of a batsh*t homophobe

In a “guest commentary” over at AgapePress, J. Matt Barber’s Observations of a So-Called ‘Homophobe’ has to be one of the most ridiculous diatribes I’ve read in a while. He’s another bible-beater who is moaning that he and his fellow fundies are losing the culture war, and that “Christians” are the ones being persecuted in the U.S., not the homos.

How do you explain an unhinged statement like this?

People of faith, and anyone else who dares to speak out against sexual immorality, or to defend the time-honored definitions of marriage and family, are no longer just ostracized, but are frequently silenced through fear and intimidation, fired from their jobs, and in some cases, have even been jailed, beaten, or killed.

The problem, from Barber’s point of view, is that gays are immoral disease vectors who have pulled the wool over the eyes of the American public, causing:

…rapid destruction of traditional family values, liberty of conscience, and freedom of speech at the hands of leftist and secularists who condone, promote, and/or participate in dangerous, unhealthy, and traditionally shameful sexual behaviors.

…Homosexuality is not a neutral status or state of being as typified by one’s membership in a suspect, minority class (such as being black or female). It’s about sexual deviancy. It’s about choosing to define one’s identity based upon with whom, and how, one elects to achieve sexual gratification — IT’S THE BEHAVIOR, STUPID!

He continues, clearly sorry that Lawrence v. Texas struck down anti-sodomy laws.

Many pro-family organizations, conservative politicians, and clergymen seem to have surrendered — to have given up on addressing the negative moral, physical, and emotional implications of homosexual behavior — and have instead chosen to hunker down and play defense; to simply try to “defend” traditional marriage. “We’ve lost on the behavior issue, so let’s circle the wagons in defense of marriage,” is the attitude that seems to prevail. But just because a large portion of society has chosen to disregard the negative aspects of the homosexual lifestyle doesn’t mean that those negative lifestyle aspects shouldn’t continue to be challenged.

Have you caught your breath yet? You know what comes next, right — the disclaimer that he’s not really homophobic, he just acts like one, and he’s ready to buck up for more culture wars…

It’s nothing personal. It’s not an attack on any individual person because of who that person is; but rather, it’s simply an honest and legitimate debate as to whether we should all be forced to accept and honor what that person chooses to do … whether we should have to view that behavior as good, moral, and praiseworthy despite thousands of years of Judeo/Christian tradition, and good-ole common sense that decidedly says it is not.

Come on, let’s call a spade, a spade — let’s call dangerous behavior, dangerous behavior — let’s call sin, sin. As they say, the best defense is a good offense, and it’s time to go on the offense … no matter how offensive it might be to those who don’t want to hear it.

…It’s time to focus once again on behavior as we seek to protect the sanctity of marriage, and put to rest this ridiculous, oxymoronic, and androgynous counterfeit referred to as “same-sex” marriage.

Gee what was that about behavior? Pull out your personal copy of the Homosexual Agenda, you radical homosexual activists, and work on your game plan. There are a whole lot of “family values” politicians we could point to that don’t seem to be paying a lot of attention to the sanctity of marriage.

That list is a mile long. Care to list a few for Barber?

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