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Don Wildmon goes after the NEA

Boy, Don’s been getting a woody over the homos quite a lot lately. The latest action alert out of the bowels of the American Family Association is a campaign to blast the National Education Association. At the union’s upcoming convention, it will endorse marriage equality.

This sent Wildmon over the edge, with predictable results:

The National Education Association is set to endorse homosexual marriage at their convention coming up in Orlando June 29 through July 6.

The new NEA proposal essentially says schools should support and actively promote homosexual marriage and other forms of marriage (two men and one woman, three women, two women and three men, etc.) in their local schools.

The new proposal, expected to pass overwhelmingly, is found under the B-8 Diversity paragraph:

The Association… believes in the importance of observances, programs and curricula that accurately portray and recognize the roles, contributions, cultures, and history of these diverse groups and individuals.

The Association believes that legal rights and responsibilities with regard to medical decisions, taxes, inheritance, adoption, legal immigration, domestic partnerships, and civil unions and/or marriage belong to all these diverse groups and individuals.

Translated, that means the NEA will promote homosexual marriage in every avenue they have available, including textbooks, to all children at all age levels and without the permission or knowledge of parents. Their plans will include every public school in America.

He calls for his sheeple to forward the alert to parents with children in public schools because “they need to be aware of the plans the NEA has to indoctrinate their children with their pro-homosexual, homosexual marriage agenda,” and for teachers who are offended by the NEA’s position to find an “alternative teacher’s group to help them retain their benefits” — the Christian Educators Association International.

The mission of that organization, on its web site:
To Serve the Educational Community by Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Christian Educators in Public and Private Education.

* Proclaim God’s word as the source of wisdom and knowledge,
* Portray teaching as a God given calling and ministry,
* Promote educational excellence as an expression of Christian commitment,
* Preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage and values through education,
* Provide a forum on educational issues with a Christian world view.
* Partner with churches, parachurch organizations, educational institutions and parents.

So, if you’re not Christian, are you SOL on this one? Don doesn’t offer an alternative solution.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding