2 White, 2 Privileged, 2 Die

After reading this:

WINGNUT JOHN HINDERAKER SMEARS DEAD SOLDIER’S UNCLE. A couple of minutes ago I came across this Associated Press story saying that the uncle of Kristian Menchaca — one of the U.S. soldiers who was missing and is now said to be dead — criticized the United States for Menchaca’s disappearance and death. My first thought was to do a post asking how long it would take before the wingnuts started smearing the grief-stricken uncle.

Alas, I’m too late. Over at Powerline Blog, John Hinderaker has already cranked up the slime machine and let fly:

In a sick coda, Menchaca’s uncle, Ken MacKenzie, appeared on the Today show and recited weirdly inapplicable Democratic Party talking points in relation to his own nephew’s death…No shame.

I’ve asked this before, but what is it about the relatives of people killed by terrorists that these wingnuts hate so much? Recall that Ann Coulter smeared the widows of 9/11 victims and that many righty bloggers smeared the father of Nick Berg, who was beheaded in Iraq. Their sin, of course, was that they criticized America and George Bush.

Let me put this as clearly as I can: To the likes of Hinderaker, the pain of those who lost loved ones to this war only matters to the extent that the bereaved allow their grief to be used to prop up the war effort and Bush himself. If the bereaved relatives don’t allow their grief to be used in this fashion, their sacrifice and loss no longer matter a whit — they’re not to be pitied or empathized with, but scorned and humiliated as brutally as possible. Despicable.

I was reminded that each of the Power Line boys has at least one child who is of fighting age and therefore I think that one of these privileged children should immediately enlist and volunteer to take Kristian Menchaca’s spot in Iraq. With two of the Power Linettes slated to start attending Dartmouth in the fall (with Scott’s daughter still fresh from her victory over Juan Cole at the Battle of Yale), I’m sure they can spare one to see that freedom stays on the march. Anything less than that would constitute prima facie evidence that John, Paul, and Scott are deeply unserious about the War on Terror.

And then the terrorists will have won.

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