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Another Dem with a spine located

Angie Paccione (l) has a chance to unseat the unforgivable bigot Musgrave, sponsor of the Marriage Protection Act.

She’s State Rep. Angie Paccione, who is up against homobigot Marilyn Musgrave in the race for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District.

Musgrave, incidentally, is a vulnerable candidate, with her negative job approval rating at 59%. Paccione blasts Marilyn on her web site.

“Just whose marriage will be saved by Marilyn Musgrave? This is utterly disingenuous, discriminatory, and dishonorable,” Paccione said. “The voters aren’t going to be fooled by this pathetic attempt to distract our attention from scandals rocking the White House and Congress, the quagmire in Iraq, and skyrocketing gas prices.”

…Gay couples made a convenient target for Musgrave when she introduced a similar bill in 2004, breaking her promise not to focus on social wedge issues. Now she’s at it again, breaking a similar promise she made last year not to push for legislation.

Marilyn needed a scapegoat, someone she could lay the blame on for all of her shortcomings and all the nation’s problems,” Paccione said. “Once again, she chose decent, hardworking Americans minding their own business.”

Paccione also expressed concern that Musgrave is “making a mockery of the Constitution to satisfy her personal obsession” with gay marriage. The proposed amendment would be the only constitutional amendment that actually permits discrimination, she said.

“Her desire for the federal government to control what we do with our private lives is completely at odds not only with traditional Republican ideals, but more importantly with America’s deeply valued belief in liberty and the protection of privacy.”

Icing on the cake: daddy-of-a-homo Darth Cheney didn’t mind shilling for Musgrave back in May at a fundraiser, calling her “exactly the right person for the job.” He raised $200K for horrid woman, who’s pushing an amendment that directly affects his daughter. Family values and loyalty indeed.

Paccione also took on one of her unhinged colleagues, Rep. Jim Welker (R-Loveland), when the lunatic said proclaimed same-sex marriage promotes bestiality.

Paccione’s website:

Hat tip, Eva, who also points to Doogman’s pad, where he has pictures of what is most certainly a Musgrave supporter…here’s one:

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