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I’m going to join in with Atrios and Matthew Ygelsias in pointing out that blogging is neither the path to enlightenment nor is it going to replace the traditional media (also sneeringly called “legacy media” or the dreaded “MSM” by the basement dwellers who want so badly to be a part of it that they daily fling feces at it in an effort to bring it down to their level…and then they can join! Neato!) Without real reporters who actually go out and do real reporting, bloggers are nothing more than the bubbleheaded meatpuppets that man the anchor desks at the all-news cable channels reading from a script and editorializing with a raised eyebrow or voice inflection. Does anyone really believe that Brian Williams, Rita Crosby, or Noron O’Donnell could hold their own in a discussion with, say, Glenn Greenwald or Digby or Bilmon unless the subject was tanning beds, missing coeds or the conventional wisdom? Not. Fucking. Likely.

Regarding the Utopia that is right around the corner, Yglesias writes:

Liberals — including liberal bloggers — tend to think that we need new and/or improved institutions of global governance to combat such problems as global warming and nuclear proliferation. Reynolds thinks that the former can be solved without regulation by mysterious technological improvements while the latter can be solved because deregulation will lead to private sector colonization of space thus allowing humanity to survive despite the risks of nuclear or biological warfare.

If Reynolds really believes that, then someone should point out that we all read Atlas Shrugged and the Foundation trilogy when we were thirteen… but we grew out of it.

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