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Stop the anti-gay horrors abroad

Mike Tidmus is rallying bloggers to spread the word about Michael Petrelis‘s plan for a vigil in San Francisco to mark the hanging of the two teenaged boys in Iran last July (the 19th).

The purpose of the vigil is to demand Iran’s leaders respect the human rights of its gay citizens, to remember Mahmoud Asgari and Ayaz Marhoni, the two gays hanged and demand an end to the death penalty. Please join me in publicly standing up on July 19 for gays in Iran and in exile, many of whom face state-sanctioned torture and execution.

If you live the San Francisco Bay Area, make a promise to show up at Harvey Milk Plaza on July 19. And for people elsewhere around the world, consider organizing a vigil and speak out at your local Iranian embassy or consulate, if one exists where you live.

The Pet Shop Boys have dedicated one of their songs from their new album to the boys.

And Mike Tidmus reminds us what this is important.

If you doubt that we GLBT people have “less-fortunate family members abroad,” you haven’t been reading this blog, or Doug Ireland, or Michael Petrelis, or the UK Gay News, or the Pink News, 365Gay News or PageOne Q. Gay people are under violent attack in every country run by religion-crazed fascist zealots from Afghanistan to Poland to Latvia to Iran to Iraq to Nigeria to Zimbabwe. I could go on, believe me. The extremist religious right in the US pales by comparison to these primitive superstitious cultures.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding