The Battle of the Bulge

We attack at the crack of dawn. Pass it on…

It’s almost as if Ann Althouse has super human powers that allow her to focus on the least important part of an argument like a laser beam before confessing that she really doesn’t get what the hell the argument was about in the first place:

Russert bases the interview on a clips from a speech Karl Rove gave in New Hampshire last Monday, and Murtha should have been well prepared to answer this. Rove’s remarks are clear: the Democrats want to “cut and run.” “They may be with you at the first shots, but they are not going to be there for the last tough battles.” Murtha’s response is nothing but babble about how Rove isn’t personally fighting the war:

He’s, he’s in New Hampshire. He’s making a political speech. He’s sitting in his air conditioned office with his big, fat backside, saying, “Stay the course.”

You know, most Americans are fat. Including Murtha. This kind of personal invective may be hilarious among fellow Rove-haters, but it’s frustrating to listen to an answer like that when Rove has articulated exactly the issue Democrats need to address. It’s always been the case that the leaders are back home in physical comfort — though it’s an unusually bad week to dredge up that hackneyed observation, since Bush just went to Iraq.

George Bush spent five whole hours battling evildoers (with a small break for lunch and a photo-op) in Iraq while John Murtha just singlehandedly lost for the Democratic party the Fat-Ass-American vote.

War is hell. Pie is yummy.

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