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'What Does GOP Stand For?' Contest

Head over to Perrspectives — Jon is holding a ‘What Does GOP Stand For?‘ contest:

The contest is simple. Tell us what you think the three-letter acronym “GOP” now stands for. With the one-time budget balancers now the budget busters and the isolationists now nation builders, what does GOP mean? Has the “Grand Old Party” become “God’s Own Party?” Greed Over Patriotism? Gauging Oil Prices? Gays On Pitchforks? Got Only Probation? Guilty On Plame?

First prize for the most creative, original, irreverent or entertaining GOP definition is an iPod Shuffle. Second place earns you a $50 Amazon gift certificate. And the third place finisher will receive a Perrspectives “Conservative Threat Level” t-shirt.

I have a “Conservative Threat Level” t-shirt — it’s a hoot.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding