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Oh man.  Some stories just write themselves.  And the folks at the Muck have a doozy this evening.  It seems a Department of Homeland Security official testified to Congress Thursday under oath that Duke Cunningham never sent the DHS a letter recommending Shirlington Limos (you know, of Fornigate fame) for their transportation contract with the DHS.  (You know, just a favor among johns friends.)

Except Cunningham did — on his Congressional letterhead. 

And the DHS actually had the letter — which raises some interesting questions about whether that testimony under oath was deliberately less than truthful to provide CYA to the DHS and other political types who may also have been trying to influence the bidding process on behalf of Shirlington's hookermobiles services.  The letter reads something like this:

"[Shirlington owner Christopher Baker] has been of service to me and other Members of Congress over the years," Cunningham wrote in the letter, dated January 16, 2004. "Please be advised of my full support of his wish to provide transportation services for the Department of Homeland Security."

Can't. Stop. Laughing. 

Especially because Justin Rood, the reporter who nailed this story (ooops, sorry Justin!), preceded the Cunningham letter quote with this description:

Duke Cunningham, of course, is serving out an eight year-plus prison sentence for taking bribes. Federal investigators have been told that Shirlington ferried Duke around town, as well as prostitutes which serviced him.


Oh man, I so needed that.  One has to wonder, though, which other Members of Congress were "serviced" by Shirlington Limos over the years.  (Although the mental images of the possibilities are the stuff of nightmares, so perhaps we're all better off not speculating.  Ewww.)

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Christy Hardin Smith

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