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sHillary fright factor – open thread

From Raw Story:

New Fox News poll will put Clinton among most ‘feared’ possible presidential contenders.

Clinton had the highest “fright” factor among Republicans, at 58%. Independents also feared Clinton 2-1 over Giuliani, 25% to 12%. Among Democrats, Clinton came in as the second most feared candidate, trailing former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani by just 7 points.

Have at it…


This open thread is brought to you by Blenders Konagod and Txrad, who kindly surprised me with a gift in the mail! Kate and I just checked my offsite mailbox and had a wonderfully fragrant bag of Texas coffee awaiting us. Truth be told, I’m actually not the big coffee drinker in the house (I’m the English Breakfast tea nut), but we will be serving it at our next brunch! Yum.

BTW, Kate has relatives in Austin, so the next time I’m down there, I’ll look you (and Amanda of Pandagon) up! Any other Austin folks out there? Perhaps there will be a critical enough mass to do a Blend meetup. 🙂

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