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What a f*cking lowlife…

When Robert Knight (him again?!), the penis-possessing director of Concerned Women for America’s Culture & Family Institute opened up his conservative Moonie Washington Times this week, he also took a look at its weekly newspaper insert, American Profile.

What Bob saw shocked the knickers off of him — it contained a full page advertisement promoting the Lifetime cable channel’s movie “A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story.” On a radio broadcast, he refers to it as a “drastic departure from the mission statement of American Profile” (as a family-oriented publication).

Bob was particularly disgusted by the poster, which says “When your son believes he was meant to be a girl, you challenge him, you fight him, you accept him, you love her.” He called the movie a “direct attack on the difference between the sexes” and “promotes transgenderism.”

I listed to the whole audio clip and it was disgusting. He mentions nothing of the horrible, brutal killing of Araujo. He does, however, urge his fellow fundies to deluge American Profile with letters telling them how depraved they are for running the ad.

The film, which stars J.D. Pardo and Mercedes Ruehl, looks like a really sensitive portrayal of Araujo’s struggle.

Imagine feeling like you’re trapped in the wrong body, that there’s been some sort of mistake — that you’re supposed to be a girl instead of a boy. How would you tell your family and friends that you wanted to change genders? Would you bring it up with someone you had a crush on? And what would you do when society not only refused to accept the new you, but was violent toward you? Well, Eddie Araujo didn’t know the answers, but he did know he was supposed to be female, so he began to dress as a girl and changed his name to Gwen.

It premieres on June 19 at 9 PM. You can see a preview on Lifetime’s site in the Video Lounge.

H/t, Jeremy.

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