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Transitioning Houston police sergeant speaks out

Video of Sergeant Oliver is here.

Tuesday I posted about the Houston PD Sergeant, Jack Oliver, who will undergo sex reassignment surgery in a year, after a period of transition, becoming known to colleagues as Jane Oliver — all while continuing on the force (How not to cover a trans story). Oliver is fully supported by her department.

Dressed in his police blues, Sgt. Oliver looks like any officer, but look closer and it’s the subtleties that some say make him different.

“There have been a couple of comments about my face and voice,” he said.

He has a smooth face, higher voice, and now longer hair. His changing appearance has led to questions and his decision to go public about something very private.

“I reached a point where I could no longer deny it for myself and decided to do it for myself and stand up for my feelings,” said Sgt. Oliver.

After five children, a divorce, and 49 years of uncertainty…

“You spend most of your life trying to be what everybody says,” he told us.

Sgt. Oliver is currently undergoing treatment to become a woman. He’ll have surgery in about a year and wants to continue as a police officer.

“I’m still a sergeant, still a police officer and still can perform this job effectively,” he said.

Blender Jami passed on the links to above additional coverage, which has accompanying video from Houston’s ABC13 station, as well as channel’s forum, where some real knuckledraggers felt the need to reveal their ignorance.

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