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Ohio womb control

As Blender ‘Bean said, this is asshattery. Another state legislator, this time in Ohio, is tossing a bill up that he knows could force another Roe v. Wade challenge.

At a Statehouse news conference marking this week’s 33rd anniversary of the landmark 1973 decision, opponents called on the Ohio General Assembly to debate a bill banning all abortions.

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Introduced nine months ago by Rep. Tom Brinkman, R-Mount Lookout, House Bill 228 would make it a felony to carry out abortions or transport a woman across state lines to have one. It would allow abortions only to save the life of a mother.

…Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, warned that anti-abortion advocates “are using the states as laboratories” in their efforts to overturn Roe. Indiana, too, is considering a ban on abortions, and other states are adding restrictions to when abortions are allowed.

Mark Harrington, executive director for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Midwest, called Brinkman’s bill a test case. Anti-abortion groups say that a Supreme Court reshaped by President Bush – with new justices John Roberts and, expected soon, Samuel Alito – will be inclined to overturn Roe.

There’s an excellent map on ‘Roe v. Wade’: The divided states of America in USA Today that shows you where reproductive freedom is safe vs. at risk vs. under attack.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding