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Macy's apologizes for yanking mannequins from Pride display

Actually in this Boston Herald article, they are claiming that the mannequins were pulled “due to a miscommunication.” Why can’t these people just admit they had their heads up their keisters on this one?

After sparking a firestorm of protests for yanking two “gay” mannequins from a Downtown Crossing display window last week, a top Macy’s official issued an open letter to the gay and lesbian community apologizing for the move, and denying that the store bowed to pressure from a group that opposes gay marriage.

In the letter, Ron Klein, chairman and chief executive officer of Macy’s East, said the mannequins were pulled from the Boston Pride Week window display by mistake.

“When the controversy arose over the content of our display, the decision was made to maintain the display with no change,” Klein said in the letter, published by gay publications including In Newsweekly and Bay Windows yesterday.

The dummies, one with a rainbow pride flag wrapped around its waist, were pulled due to “miscommunication,” Klein said.

See my earlier post on this. At the time the mannequins were pulled a Macy’s spokesbot said that they were removed “to strike a balance.” That doesn’t sound like a miscommunication to me.

Fundamentalist whackjob Brian Camenker of MassResistance/Article 8 the intial protests, and has been taking credit for the removal of the mannequins. He’s still puffing up his chest and threatening to start up and email campaign to punish Macy’s for apologizing.

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Pam Spaulding