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It’s Heating Up in the House…


C-Span1 has continuing coverage this morning on the Iraq War debate in the House of Representatives.  The GOP has deployed it’s young, elected expendables to spew forth the "cut and run" crap.  Haven’t seen Mean Jean in her red, white and blue spandex as yet, but hope springs eternal, I suppose.

Jack Murtha is, at the moment, kicking ass and taking names.  (And that link is to a short interview in Rolling Stone that is well worth a read.)  Murtha just let a young man from Texas have it for saying that "we" are doing the fighting — Murtha just reamed him out because the soldiers in the heat and the dust and facing IEDs and sniper fire and who the hells knows what else are the ones doing the fighting, not the pampered folks in the House.

Using this resolution to divide the nation on this issue — when our soldiers fighting over there deserve truth and honor and elected officials who will look this problem in the eye and honestly assess things.  If you get a chance, watch a bit of the debate.  And feel the hand of Karl Rove, manipulating the public by having his surrogates say things like "liberals are unpatriotic" or "Democrats don’t support the troops."  That’s bullshit.  And it is time that everyone stood up and said so.

The vote is coming up shortly.  I’ll let everyone know what happens when I know.

UPDATE:  Vote is over.  It was 256 for, 153 against, 5 present.  (That’s my quick typing as Denny Hastert was reading the vote tally off…not official.  When I get something official on it, I’ll post some links.)

UPDATE #2:  Here’s the first decent update I’ve found on the vote.  It’s from Reuters (via the WaPo).  No names on the votes yay or nay as yet…

UPDATE #3:  Huge thanks to reader Mui who found the official listing on the House vote.  Read it and weep, kids.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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