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This just cries out for a Friday morning posting, doesn’t it?  We had a bit of fun with this photo buried deep in the comments yesterday, and I couldn’t resist pulling it up for the morning crowd.  This is just too amusing to get lost in the shuffle — because, really, how often do you get to see someone out of knickers who dresses like this?  When it isn’t Easter?  Or a Great Gatsby costume party?  Or a Cole Porter revival at Dollywood?

And what is with that tie?  Okay, sorry, I digress here, but really, who let him out of the house wearing that tie with that suit?  Or out of his Senate office to go on the floor and make a speech…on C-Span?!?  Hellooooo?!?  Does his staff secretly want him to lose the election by a wide margin?  Someone needs to look into that angle pronto.

My initial response on this was that it is seersucker season (Well, it’s the early edge of it, anyway.  Generally, men of the South don’t start pulling out the suits until the dog days in late July and August, when the humidity and heat force the issue.).  But then I remembered that Rick Santorum is a Senator from Pennsylvania…except that he now really lives in Virginia, so…oh, never mind.

Anyway, for some Friday morning cheer, I thought a caption festival might be fun.  I’ll get everyone started off with a few of my fave comments from yesterday.  From Mary:

[W]as that outfit for real or photoshopped? Was there a giant bunny anywhere nearby?

From Pach:

Honey, that’s not gay, that’s. . .




From TeddySanFran:

[D]ibs on little Ricky’s Senate outfit. SFPride’s in less than two weeks and I haven’t a thing to wear.

Seriously, who gets up in the morning and sez, “Oh I’ll wear this to work!” and isn’t a practicing fellationist?

But my fave in all of this, thus far, has to be the graphic worked up by DarkBlack. It’s a masterpiece:


                Chiffon wrinkles too easily…

Oh, I am SO going to use this over and over again between now and November.  So have at it, kids — can’t wait to read your thoughts on the lovely ensemble.  Happy Friday!

(Photo from the Great Moments in Senate Fashion series.  Hat tip to reader RCauthon for this Friday morning giggle.)

PS — I was also talked into a recipe swap for Saturday morning.  It began with a discussion of pie and just sort of snowballed from there.  So if you have a fave family recipe, or something that you gets raves about at parties, feel free to drop in for the early thread and we’ll talk food.  We were initially thinking pies, but baking can be difficult for some, so it will just be a sort of open-ended food and politics and life gabfest and recipe swap.  I’m not promising anything, but we’ll see how this goes and maybe make it a semi-regular sort of thing if everyone likes it.   

UPDATE:  Okay, wtf.  Apparently, it was "Seersucker Day" in the Senate yesterday.  Because, you know, working is for little people.  Next up, green shirt day.  And then the ever popular silk chiffon scarf day.  Hello…you are Senators!!!  Do some work during office hours, and have your ice cream socials on your own damn time.  This isn’t junior high.  (And that hot pink tie is still just wrong, wrong, wrong…)

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