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Will my head spin around during downward dog?

I don’t think we can build enough institutions to house the religious crazies. Just when I’m about to step away from the computer, I find more insane crap to post that simply blows my mind. From Don Wildmon’s “news” organ, AgapePress: Author Wants to Enlighten Christians About Yoga’s Demonic Influence.

Christian author Dave Hunt, co-founder of the Oregon-based ministry, The Berean Call, has written a new book called Yoga and the Body of Christ. In it, he contends that yoga is a spiritually dangerous practice designed to expose people to demonic influences.

While conducting research for the book, Hunt says he studied the roots of yoga and interviewed many people who have practiced it. As a result of his investigation, he says he has concluded that the techniques employed in yoga are not designed primarily to promote health but to put participants in a mental state similar to that of hypnosis.

And it is not those critical or skeptical of yoga who are confirming these conclusions, the author points out. “These are the yogis, now. These are the people who developed it,” he insists. “These are the people who practiced it, and they warned [that] you must always have your guru present when you get into this state of consciousness, because you could be taken over by some evil entity.”

…The elements of yoga are sometimes adapted to meet the needs of non-religious practitioners and those of other faiths, including Christians. But Hunt insists there is no way to modify this inherently spiritual practice to make it acceptable for Christians.

I don’t recall ever being possessed by a demon during a restorative yoga class.

We may just have to give up South Carolina just to get rid of these knobends (see the Christian Exodus movement). Gay folks in the Palmetto state, you’re welcome to move up to the Tar Heel state before we seal off the border with SC.

Calgon, take me away from this asshattery.

Also, as a bookend to the above reference to SC’s fertile ground for fundies: South Carolina Approves Guidelines Requiring Critical Analysis of Evolution.

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