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Gay rights struggle downgraded to 2nd place…for now

Blender Paul of Paul’s Rants dropped some spot-on commentary in my inbox, straight from this morning’s news. The wingers take a breather on the homos — the bigots know they are slowly losing that culture war — to go after another target…

A government website taken down after a slew of complaints that it caters to “those people”.   Elsewhere, angry parents demand that books be pulled from the school library to protect “impressionable and vulnerable” children from ideas that their parents don’t agree with.  Roving bands of teenagers target and beat those whose lives are different from theirs.  Only this time those folks weren’t upset about gays.  They are attacking Hispanics these days.

Put it all together and one can’t help but notice that the struggle for gay civil rights has been bumped from first to second place for a large part of our population.  The cry of “The fags are coming, the fags are coming” has been replaced with screeching about the dangers of the brown skinned hoards. 

Welcome to America.  Now go home, we don’t want you here.  (Tonto in an aside to The Lone Ranger; “What do you mean “we”, White man?)

Gays are still in the deep throes of the legislative wars with so many anti-gay lawmakers still flexing muscles, but the bigots know that stirring the pot over undocumented workers (and Hispanics generally) represents a much easier win for The Base.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding