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Color Me Surprised?


Yeah…not so much.

How amusing that e-mails were turned over to Judicial Watch (via Raw Story) which show a connection between Dick Cheney’s office and efforts to secure that KBR no-bid contract for reconstruction with the Army Corps of Engineers.

One email, for example, includes a frank admission by an Army Corps of Engineer official: "I am copying you on this crap since I honestly believe the competitive procurement will never happen."

Ethics, schmethics. 

Here’s a thought:  the federal government isn’t your own damn ATM machine.  Stop treating it as such for yourself and your cronies.  And the Department of Defense isn’t a PR firm for the Bush Administration — so stop asking folks in uniform to do CYA for you because people find them more credible. 

What was that Ken Mehlman said about "greed and cynicism" being the motivating factors for the GOP?  He is so going to live to regret that one, even throwing it out there in jest on the Daily Show.  (Or was that in Freudian, it’s so tough to tell these days.)  Oh, and Bunnatine Greenhouse?  Still a hero.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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