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Toss her back into the drink – open thread

Mike Tidmus pays homage to Hannibal Lechter in his latest graphic ode to the she-beast Ann Coulter.

Nobody, it seems is not talking about ultra-conservative and criminally insane typist Annibal Coulter this week. With a slew of media appearances in support of her new book Codless, the Silence of the Cods, Ms Coulter is giving even former, right-wing buddies and her adoring fans (both of them) good reason to head for the hills or duck into a convenient porta potty when they see Annibal heading their way.

UPDATE: Coulter’s busted on the plagiarism tip — again — by The Rude Pundit (via Raw Story). Not just a couple of them, but multiple instances of lifting material without acknowledging the source in her new fish-wrapping tome. Jeezus.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding