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Oh how quickly things change.  Holy Joe on April 11, 2006:

If I wanted to run as an independent, I would do it today. I don’t. I’m a Democrat. I want to run as a Democrat. I expect, with some confidence increasing as I talk to delegates, that I will be the Democratic nominee and I will win the primary.

And today:

Lieberman’s campaign contends that it’s focused only on winning the Aug. 8 primary, but the Democrat has not ruled out petitioning his way onto the November ballot as part of a backup plan to secure a fourth term in the Senate.

"I am not going to close out any options," the senator recently told reporters.

Frankly he can’t leave the party fast enough for me.  He makes Democrats look like weak-kneed, flip-flopping, opportunistic, treacherous little toadies and his continued presence in the party is a huge PR hurdle. 

I’m with Digby:

You don’t have to look any further than Joe Lieberman to understand why the entire world thinks Democrats are a bunch of chickenshit losers. We’re tired of being associated with someone who can’t even stand a fair fight in the Connecticut Democratic party without whining like snivelling schoolkid and threatening to take his ball and go home. Why should anyone trust such a gutless tool with the reins of government? I know I don’t. The party is on notice that this just won’t be tolerated anymore by leading Blue State Democrats.

Here’s the plan. First, the Democratic terrorists are going to kick Lieberman’s ass. After that, they are going to kick the Republican party’s ass. And finally they will kick bin Laden’s ass. We didn’t create this hard core political environment, the Republicans did, with the help of self-serving Dems like Lieberman. Now somebody has to clean up all these messes. The crazed Democratic terrorists who are willing to cast aside all morality by ruthlessly supporting a primary challenger (who is not a travelling Deadhead, but rather a middle of the road self made millionaire) seem to be the only ones who are willing to do it.

See Joe Run.  Yes, that would be our collective boot heel imprint on his backside.  And a fine Louboutin it is. 

(Graphic by FXQ)

Upate:  I checked the Joe Lieberman Weekly just to make sure they weren’t on suicide watch.  Favorite comment:

I look forward to The New Republic editorial explaining why leaving the party when his own Democratic constituents reject him is yet another act of rare courage by Joe Lieberman. 

I say give ’em a week to prove that irony is completely dead.

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