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'Ex-gays' split over Foster 'Hitler' smear of Besen

Mike Rogers has the scoop over at PageOneQ on the schism in the ex-gay community over the extremist posting of “former homosexual” DL Foster on his blog that depicted a P’shopped photo of Wayne Besen with a Hitler mustache (see my earlier post).

Foster refuses to apologize, even after rebukes from fellow “ex-gay” movement colleagues Alan Chambers of Exodus International and Randy Thomas.

Thomas and several others who left comments on Foster’s site have had them deleted. The man’s continuing to post more stupidity and picking a fight with Thomas to boot.

Thomas’ letter also includes a statement to Foster that his “posts about him [Besen] are not prophetic, they are pathetic.” Thomas continues by writing, “You deserve a solid straightforward rebuke from a brother in Christ… I am rebuking you because you need to repent for this…Please retract the posts and apologize to Wayne. If you do not I will recommend to the [Exodus International] management team that we make a public statement to distance ourselves from your statements.” Thomas, who also serves as the media director of Exodus, has a disclaimer on his site about the email, “This email is my personal opinion, not the views of Exodus,” wrote Thomas.

Foster responded to Thomas’ mention of the Exodus management team by posting a third post in which Foster distanced himself from Exodus International. In the post titled “The distance between us” Foster writes, “Additionally Herr Besen as I have titled him, is a direct threat to my work and ministry and free speech in the same ways the evil Hitler was towards the Jews within his evil grasp.” Foster’s post continues on with him maintaining that he is not a “member, subsidiary, or affiliate,” and that he operates independently from Orlando-based Exodus.

Whew. What a f*cking crackpot bigot this man is! It’s getting hot in here…go read the rest.

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