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American Airlines pisses off the Freepi

American Airlines, voted a “gold standard U.S. carrier for hospitality and service” by readers of Out Traveler magazine last year and recipient of a top score of 100 percent on HRC’s 2005 Corporate Equality Index, is celebrating Gay Pride Month. It’s noted on the company’s web site for LGBT employees,

Tomorrow, the company will feature a talk by Matthew Shepard’s mom, “Erase Hate: An Evening with Judy Shepard,” at the AA Training and Conference Center in Ft. Worth, Texas.

The airline, which was also the first major U.S. carrier to protect its transgendered employees, it has put a burr under the saddle of the Freepi. They are moaning about the losing battle on the culture war front and it’s not a pretty sight. Boo-freaking hoo…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Thoughtcrime in the office. The liberals have won.

Don’t doubt that for a second. Rush may be right in saying this is primarily a conservative country, but the liberals have taken over control of government and society, and there is no going back.

The site where I am currently contracted is also celebrating GLBT month, in much the same manner. Lots of large companies do, to avoid pressure and bad publicity from GLBT advocacy groups and their willing helpers in the MSM.

They don’t get a freaking month! Already stole the rainbow and the = sign.

I wonder if these folks plan on being buried with this rainbow flag of theirs. I’m sure God will be amused.

Well, that settles it for me….I won’t be flying on a sex-deviate-supportive airline like American and American Eagle, and have told them so. Until the end of the extortion (threat of legal action against them) from companies with no backbone or principles occurs, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

…..Indeed….! I simply cannot understand the “pride” associated with what are basically un-natural and disgusting sexual activities….! but, again…. another sign of the sick times in which we live….Lord help anyone who might want to start a “Straight Pride” month…they would be branded as “homophobic” or something….!!

[ClearChannel radio station G-105 held a Straight Pride parade in Chapel Hill back in 2004 — I went to check it out — and it was a resounding, pathetic flop, lol. Here are some of the pictures. ]

It is extortion and should be recognized as such. The MSM is providing them with the power to push a protection racket.

This is nothing short of a terrorist flag displayed for all the gerbils of the world to see. These poor creatures already suffer from low self-esteem from having forced visits to the crap-shoot of the gay male community.

Sorry, but 90%+ of the male Stewards on all airlines strike me as seriously gay.

Heck, they all do it. You have to dislike each and everyone of them. I already can’t buy Bud anymore because they support this crap and so on and so forth.

The agenda of the liberal activists must be exposed. If that requires boycotts, so be it. Employees should not have to surrender their political and religious beliefs as a condition of employment. Agreed. But it will take a revolution of sorts to make this happen. Things are going to need to get a lot worse to shake enough people to stand up for what’s right. Most of us are still sleeping and completely unaware of the big picture.

Why don’t we just declare the whole year “Gay Pride Year” and be done with it? Certainly for the Mainstream Media, that already is the case. There’s also a LGBT history month some other time of year, and “days of silence” galore. Gay activism is indeed a religion and has its own liturgical calendar.

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