When the invisible hand gives you the finger

Little piggies at the trough

Rich Lowry finally admits it – they’re on the Wingnut Welfare

Because—let me be frank here—we lose money. NRO is a loss leader. And here’s what’s unfortunate—the print magazine is a loss leader too. We are surrounded by loss leaders. If we ever have ideas to further our mission, they are guaranteed to be loss leaders. If your business needs advice on how to develop a loss leader, come to us. We have it down. I assure you we can help you start to lose money almost immediately. It’s our specialty. We have been doing it for 50 years and hope to keep doing it for many more.

That last bit isn’t quite right. We’d prefer not to lose money. But there is something to the opinion journalism business that makes it inherently unprofitable. Pricey advertisers don’t naturally flock to small-circulation magazines devoted to kicking up as much controversy as possible. Its not that we don’t try. I think we have more ads in the pages of NR than any comparable magazine. We are having increasing success attracting advertisers to NRO. We re-designed the site not just to make it more lively for readers but to make it more appealing for advertisers.

But it will never be enough. We don’t complain about that. It comes with the territory. As WFB said long ago, NR exists to make a point, not a profit.

So if they are having success adding advertisers and they still can’t make a profit, the only thing to do is cut down on expenses which means no more free hair care products for Byron York, eliminate the Nacho Cheese fountain in the lunchroom and make Jonah bring his own lunch, cancel the Derb’s Panty-of-the-Month Club subscription, and tell Cliff May and Victor Davis E Pluribus Unum Hanson “no more Christian Fellowship Paintball weekend retreats”.

…and it’s not like Kate O’Beirne is taking advantage of her dental insurance. I say drop the coverage. It’s time to get “lean and mean” people.

Not you, Jonah. We’re tough but realistic…

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