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Markos To Receive Drum Major Award for Justice

Fresh off the success of Yearly Kos and his superb appearance on Meet the Press, Markos is being honored with the Drum Major Award for Justice.  From Tom Watson:

[I]t’s the ultimate compliment the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy can pay to the netroots community on the left, so deftly led by DailyKos – progressive activists who crash the gates of power in Washington and in state capitals and in lobbyists offices are vital to a real, honest, open discussion of public policy in the United States.

That’s why a who’s who of more than 30 progressive bloggers big and small – and, yeah it’s an even playing field here, folks – have come together to form a virtual committee honoring Markos for his work in changing politics in this country. Some of ’em will be present on June 22 at Lotus to honor Markos, jazz great Wynton Marsalis, and labor activist Anna Burger at DMI’s annual benefit – and some ’em are just happy to lend a hand online, posting links, banner ads, and tags to sell a few tickets or just spread the word.

It sounds like a fabulous time will be had by all, and Markos certainly deserves it — his achievements over the past few years have been monumental and YK was certainly a testament to that. If I was going to be in NY I’d certainly get my behind to the event.  You can buy tickets, get details or make a contribution to the Drum Major Institute here.

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