Alzheimer Mystery Theater

Roger L. Simon, themanwhocreatedmoseswine:

Now that the Big Game (Rove) has been taken off the table in the Beltway Night of the Long Knives, why don’t we get back to the real mystery in the Plame Affair – just why did Joseph C. Wilson go to Niger? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist – or even a crime writer – to see something fishy in sending the hubby of a hemi-semi-demi-out CIA agent for a week to drink tea in Africa to find out whether someone had been selling yellowcake to Saddam. And it doesn’t take that same rocket scientist – or crime writer – to figure that the expected… and wanted… answer was “no.” So what’s the real crime here? Who sent Wilson and why? And who’s the real Mr. Big?

Odd. I thought the real mystery was why we invaded Iraq when they were no threat to the United States.

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