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Time Magazine Launches Bukkake Festival


At one point during our FDL caucus on the first day of the convention, Ana Marie Cox was standing out in the hallway with Byron York and Pach hailed them inside.  York came in and sat down, but as Wankette teetered through the crowd on a pair of spindly legs shown to ill-effect in a set of shorts I’d seen on the markdown rack at Barneys (others wisely having steered clear), she looked like some self-fashioned Marie Antoinette afraid that the unwashed masses were going to mob her.  After that the only place I ever saw her was in the media room, safely protected from the dirty horde.  Tap tap tap, intrepid girl journalist, where’s that guy from the Weekly Standard.  

Her previous career may have been launched by a wilingness to coarsen political discourse by talking about the things she inserted into her rectum, but at Time she seems to have changed positions.  TBogg alerts us this morning that her new stint seems to be on her knees:

She also emails: "Bonus material: I saw Joe Wilson get not one but two standing ovations today; he was also called ‘a true American hero.’ People waited in line for his autograph. I’m going to begin drinking now."

That was me, and I called him one at 9:45 in the morning.  Since Wankette was looking a bit puffy (especially around the eyes) the entire time she was there I can only imagine she made good on her threat.  

It’s aparent Cox isn’t quite bright enough to understand the dynamics of what is going on either in politics or with the netroots so I’m sure she must go to someone for an explanation, and Instacracker is as good as the next I suppose. (Talking about things she doesn’t understand seems to be her new specialty — or maybe not, I never really read her so it’s possible I just didn’t notice.  I’ll certainly take the trouble to do so now.)  But in the interest of being helpful to another gal, I thought I’d give her a brief history lesson and let her know why I said it.

Or better yet, how about one from one of TBogg’s commenters?  You know, those things that Wankette never had.  All those dirty, dirty people strolling around she could never really figure out any use for.  R. Porrofatto reminds us of this Washington Post quote (suffering from link rot so I’ll cite Swopa):

In 1990, while sheltering more than 100 Americans at the U.S. Embassy and diplomatic residences, Wilson briefed reporters while wearing a hangman’s noose instead of a necktie — a symbol of defiance after Saddam threatened to execute anyone who didn’t turn over foreigners.

The message, Wilson said: "If you want to execute me, I’ll bring my own [fucking] rope."

This toughness impressed President George H.W. Bush, who called Wilson a truly inspiring diplomat who exhibited courageous leadership by facing down Saddam and helping to gain freedom for the Americans before the 1991 war began.

"The fact that somebody worked in the White House for a particular administration does not brand them," said Chester A. Crocker, an assistant secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan.  He called Wilson "eminently professional."

Wilson may laugh now, but in the eyes of hostages, he was a hero.

"He stuck his neck out in our behalf … He worked so hard to keep us from falling apart," recalled Roland O. Bergheer, 75, a Bechtel Corp. manager who was trapped in Baghdad. A conservative who lives in Las Vegas, Bergheer added: "I love Joe Wilson. … I don’t give a damn what his politics are." 

I realize this isn’t on a par with, you know, being willing to degrade everything you touch by acting like some drunken public slag and treat people like lepers without whom you wouldn’t be where you are today, but it will have to do.  

Oh and on the Sully thing?  I’m sure you’re anxious to assume the new position, Ana Marie, but…he’s just not into you. 

Update:  Neurophius reminds us in the comments that Christy, in one of the panels, announced on Day Two that Wankette had lost her Washington Times notebook.  I guess the Hitchens impression went on for most of the weekend.

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