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Peter LaBarbera whines about the governor’s race in Illinois. Crack open the champagne!

While some Washington politicians want to use gay marriage to divide the electorate in November, Illinois voters are choosing between two candidates for governor who are regular crowd favorites at this city’s gay pride parade.

Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich and his GOP challenger, state Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka, are nearly identical in their support for gay rights. Both say a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is unnecessary, and Topinka supports the state law signed by Blagojevich protecting gay people from discrimination.

“As gay voters we have good choices,” said Rick Garcia, political director for the gay rights group Equality Illinois.

Conservative Republicans are not so giddy. “We got nobody,” said Peter LaBarbera, executive director of a conservative group pushing to get a measure on Illinois ballots this fall that would ask voters whether the state constitution should be amended to ban gay marriage.

…A conservative Web site lambastes Topinka for her past participation in the parade and warns voters that Topinka “holds extremely liberal values that are contrary to those embraced by the vast majority of Illinois Republicans.” LaBarbera has said the Web site is his personal undertaking and not affiliated with his job as executive director of the Illinois Family Institute.

See my earlier post on his slam site on Topinka, LaBarbera goes after Illinois gubernatorial candidate. A snippet from that post — you can practically hear Peter screeching in the copy on the web site as he tries to malign Topinka:

Judy Baar Topinka knows that her avid support for homosexual and “trans-gender” rights is not widely popular in Illinois, and could especially cost her support from hundreds of thousands of conservatives who vote Republican in Illinois primaries. That’s why she is now hiding her “gay” advocacy from the public. Despite her cowardly obfuscations today, her homosexual activist friends will certainly count her as an important ally if she becomes governor of Illinois.

Considering all of the above, again we remind you…

These are Judy Baar Topinka’s Values…

And again ask you… are they yours?

Petey’s also said that he might vote for the Constitution Party candidate (it’s Randy Stufflebeam), since both major parties are just too homofriendly (see La Peter is unhappy with Illinois Republicans). Stufflebeam is still working on ballot access, so if he doesn’t make it, Petey’s SOL.

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