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The Rotting CryptkeeperTM heading to NC this week

Fred’s probably loading up the bus with his band of hate-mongering family members of his “church” and is planning to picket the only slightly-less wingnutty Southern Baptist Convention meeting, or as he calls it, the “Idolatrous Southern Baptist Convention.”

The pathetic Phelps performance art will take place at the Greensboro Coliseum on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Phelps didn’t show the last time WBC came to the state — they picketed a staging of The Laramie Project here in Durham and Kate and I had a blast going over to take pictures of these sad, sick people:

Losers. Jonathan Phelps was dressed in a red poncho, shouting “Save The Gerbils!” and “Stop the Sh*t-eating Fags” and other un-Christian-like bile.

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As I said, the Southern Baptists are almost as offensive as Phelps. They spent the weekend, in advance of their convention, sending out 2000 “evangelistic outreach” workers to show the heathens the way back to church. (AgapePress):

Southern Baptist churches throughout central North Carolina are taking the gospel to the streets through a variety of activities and events this weekend. Nearly 90 churches and more than 2,000 volunteers will take part in the evangelistic effort known as Crossover Triad.

The series of events will target Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point — areas known collectively as “the Triad” — tomorrow and Sunday, the weekend before the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Greensboro. Marty Dupree, Crossover coordinator for North Carolina, calls this occasion “a great opportunity” with the potential to affect hundreds of thousands of lives.

“About 1.8 million people live in the Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point area,” Dupree says, “and out of that 1.8 million, over 650,000 people are unchurched. So we really are trying to focus on and target those unchurched and unreached people with these different events and the different venues.”

The spokesman for Crossover says this wide-scale evangelistic outreach is being sponsored by the North American Mission Board in cooperation with the Baptist state conventions and associations and local churches. “The different venues that we have,” he notes, “are things like prayer walking and prayer journeys, sports evangelism, inner-city evangelism.”

Also: Shirley Phelps Roper became unhinged on Faux News’ The Big Story over the protests at soldiers’ funerals the other day. You have to watch it to believe it. It gets out of control fast. (h/t, Dan L).

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