-That’s a wee-wee.
-No. We call it a penis.
-I know. I’ve seen a penis before… and that’s a wee-wee.

Tim Blair makes with the funny about YearlyKos:

You are only 1,000 people at the Riviera Hotel. Check the attendance at these conventions, also scheduled for Vegas this month:

* Western States Roofing Contractors Association: 4,000
* Las Vegas Hair & Nail: 12,000
* Electrical Apparatus Service Association: 4,000
* Intl Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa Conference: 33,000
* Coffee Fest: 8,000
* Casino Chips & Gaming Token Collectors: 5,000
* Truck Show: 30,000

Kinda puts this little party in perspective, doesn’t it?

Tim Blair: Average Per Day 11,165
Daily Kos:
Average Per Day 508,811

Some people just don’t know which end of the telescope to look through…

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