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Still getting our morning cups of coffees. I’m sure Crooks and Liars will have Markos’ performance up from Meet the Press soon, and CSPAN has a video up of our CIA leak panel that you can stream (so does Fora TV, Fora TV has only the Joe Wilson segment but if you can figure out their registration process you’re a better man than me).

Much better article up in the UK Observer on YK than anything we’re likely to see from a paper on this side of the pond:

Thousands of bloggers gathered last week in the Riviera to exchange ideas, debate and plot their steady takeover of journalism and political debate from newspapers, magazines and television.

Anyone who thinks blogging is over-rated should have looked at the guest list of power players who followed the blogging herd to Las Vegas to woo and be wooed by these latest additions to the political scene. Reporters and columnists from all the main newspapers showed up, as did Democratic strategists. Even potential Democrat candidates for the 2008 presidential election pitched up to network and sell their political wares to the online community. Although the event was meant to appeal to all parties, its guest list was overwhelmingly liberal.

Mark Warner, a former Democratic governor of Virginia, was there. So was Harry Reid, the Senate minority leader. Former Democrat presidential candidate General Wesley Clark was there, too, as was Bill Richardson, the Democratic governor of New Mexico.

Richardson is a hot tip for the 2008 race, because he governs in a traditionally Republican part of America and has a Hispanic background, which could see him scoop up the votes of one of America’s most powerful ethnic minorities. ‘I see you guys as agents of advocacy,’ Richardson told the bloggers.

Reid also heaped praise on the blogging community, saying it had played a vital role in some Democratic political victories in the past year. ‘They [bloggers] have the ability to spread the truth like no entities I’ve dealt with in recent years. We could never have won the battle to stop privatisation of social security without them,’ he told the New York Time.

Like I said before, we’ve been mostly politician/consultant/journalist free and have spent our time with our readers.  I don’t think a whole lot of people who aren’t a part of the blogosphere realize that this is where our strength derives from, not from relationships with politicians or those in their orbits. But far be it from me to hip anyone to this fact.

(Thanks to Kathy R. for the fab photo of zennurse, Dan Froomkin & BobbyG) 

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