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Back in Durham

Whew. We got in around 7:30 PM – just ahead of a big thunderstorm here, so I wasn’t online for a while. We’re beat.

What a wonderful wedding. The one matter Tim and I were truly sad about amidst all the joy and celebration was that Mom was not there to share in it.


I did not bring back any of the 30 lbs of cheese that they had at the wedding reception, konagod. 😉

And Holly C. — maybe the next time I’m back in that area, we can meet up. Winona was really a cool small town, though it does have that hunter/gatherer kind of flavor to it — lots of heartland guys with trucks and camouflage, but hey – it’s the upper Midwest, right?


Why on earth do I have 268 messages in my inbox?! It’ll take a while to weed through those (and they aren’t spam).

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