Putting lipstick on the pig

We already know that Tim “Lil Russ” Russert likes to stack his Sunday morning panels with conservatives like himself because overpaid DC Kool Kid media-types like to stay in their comfort zone. So I found it humorous when, on a day that Russert had on Kos and Jonathan Alter, that he felt the need to wave the Magic Russert Wand of Objectivity over Byron York:

MR. RUSSERT: Byron York, you’re a conservative writer, but a—an interesting, objective observer of American politics. Be counterintuitive here. Who do you think would be the strongest Democrat to run against the Republicans in 2008?

Byron York: “an interesting, objective observer of American politics“.

Here is Byron York’s last book:

Objectively speaking…

Describing him as an “objective observer” is like describing him as a “large black man”…

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