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YearlyKos, In Snapshots…


Had a couple of readers send in a few photos, and I thought I’d start the day sharing some of the snapshots with everyone.  Now you can know what some of your favorite bloggers look like, too!  🙂 

Above, Jane and Markos share a moment on the Hot Topics panel.  Markos is having an amazing convention, but every time I’ve seen him, he is literally running from one place to the next.  He’s going to need to nap for a week after this.  And Jane has been having an amazing time as well — so in demand and busy, and yet she (and I) are always squeezing in some time somewhere to check in here.   We’ve been jonesing for FDL and our regular routine.  Doesn’t Jane look fantastic here?  What a cutie!


This…is Atrios.  Everyone, meet Duncan.  Note the lovely taupe silk shirt with crisp cuffs.  (I told you he picks out lovely shirts.)  You think his blog is fun?  I wish you guys could talk to him in person — amazing mind, and just as snide in real life as you might hope.


This is John Aravosis of AmericaBlog.  No word as yet whether the America Panda is the new blog mascot…


Everyone, meet Emptywheel.  She’s as amazing as you would imagine in person — mind like an encyclopedia, but such a sweetie.  I absolutely love her — and as you can tell from this pic from our Plame panel yesterday, I enjoy listening to her as well. 

As I get more snapshots, I promise I’ll pass them along.  Our FDL breakfast is at 7:30 am this morning — and we promise to update you as soon after that as we can to let everyone know how that went.  I am told that C-Span, Air America, Young Turks, and LinkTV will continue their coverage of the conference (links to each website in this link) — so everyone at home can join in the fun all day as well.  Talk to you soon!

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