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It’s pretty funny being here at Yearly Kos.  Many Big Media Bores have shown up to write about — themselves.  David Ehrenstein alerts us this morning to the presence of Ad Nags , who — like his fellow NYTimser MoDo — seems obsessed (on the front page of the Times no less) with the notion that bloggers may be angling to take their place in the cocktail weenie line:

They may think of themselves as rebels, separate from mainstream politics and media. But by the end of a day on which the convention halls were shoulder to shoulder with bloggers, Democratic operatives, candidates and Washington reporters, it seemed that bloggers were well on the way to becoming — dare we say it? — part of the American political establishment. Indeed, the convention, the first of what organizers said would become an annual event, seems on the way to becoming as much a part of the Democratic political circuit as the Iowa State Fair.

All I can say is that the conference, for us, has been virtually free of contact with "political establishment."  There’s lots of scurrying in the corners with the white boy bloggers who have a small fraction of our traffic, but politicians and their aides could seem to give fuck-all about the gals and the gays. We’ve really enjoyed the freedom to spend the time with our readers with little interference from all that hubub — blissfully, nobody has yet tried to "triangulate" me. Our FDL breakfast this morning was great — we got to hang out with people like Zennurse, BobbyG, Mommybrain, RBG, BarbaraB, Swopa, Skippy and others — right now I’ve got Ian Walsh plunking himself down in the chair next to me, Mike Stark is talking with Bob Geiger, Siun is making everyone comfortable and there’s not a politician or aid in sight.  

I guess they’re all off pestering Ad Nags.  Can I say how very happy I am he showed up to draw all the flies

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Jane Hamsher

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