…from The Mirage pool.

Nobody is talking about politics, or the MSM, or crashing the gates, but there are many copies of The Da Vinci Code being read (although I did appreciate the 30-something woman reading Soul On Ice) and there is far too much evidence that America really really really needs to go on a diet. And I’m not just talking about the middle-aged people.

Anyway, the bewitching and statuesque Mrs TBogg and I are both quite tan, so I can say of our visit to Las Vegas:

Mission Accomplished.

(You have to admit, slim as this post is, it was better than yet another post from YearlyKos about a blogger blogging from amongst other bloggers and people who are going home and start their own blogs because of all of the fame and fortune that follows. And the leggy supermodels. There’s that too.)

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