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Well that was truly incredible.  The lesson I’ve learned about putting together a panel:  fill it with smart, amazing people and they will make you look good.  Lots of room for your own personal errors.

It was a remarkable opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with people about a really important topic without having it dissolve into bizarroworld where Ole 60 Grit O’Beirne’s opinion is treated as it if were worthy of serious consideration.  And if anybody who saw the CSPAN broadcast would like to compare it to MSNBC’s standard fare, you can do so here.  As Media Matters noted at the time:

O’Beirne attempted to undermine Wilson’s credibility by claiming he was "[n]o expert in weapons of mass destruction." But as Media Matters noted, it is unclear how a lack of expertise in weapons of mass destruction would prevent Wilson from successfully investigating the reported sale of a commodity such as yellowcake uranium, particularly given that he had taken a similar trip to Niger in 1999 to investigate possible purchases by Iran.

CSPAN says they will have our panel online tomorrow.  Thanks to Kos, Gina Cooper and everyone at Yearly Kos for pulling out all the stops to give us this rare opportunity.  It was an awful lot of fun.  Christy would like to thank Siun for emailing her first thing this morning and letting her know that the panel was going to be broadcast live on CSPAN.  I would like to thank Siun for NOT emailing ME first thing this morning and letting me know that the panel was going to be broadcast live on CSPAN.

She’s got remarkable judgment, that woman. 

Update:  Andrew at Northwest Progressive Institute liveblogged the event, as did Skippy.

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