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A little bird told me…well, actually it was Siun…that C-Span will be broadcasting our Plame panel live this morning on the main C-Span channel.  So those of you at home or at work with a TV or streaming internet capabilities are going to be able to watch it right along with the folks in Vegas.  Yay!

The "Plame Panel" will start at 9:30 am PT, just FYI.

Here’s a link to C-Span.  Note that they have front-paged the YearlyKos coverage news, which is fantastic for progressives because more people will get exposed to the fact that most of us here are just every day people — lots of gray hair in the audience, many professionals, everyone getting active in politics.  Truly an energizing and amazing weekend thus far, and it’s only Friday!

Also, Air America will be streaming the panel live as well.  And I am told the Young Turks may be doing the same. And also, LinkTV is doing direct video from the conference and posting it to their website.   So lots of choices for those who want to get in on the Plame Panel — I know that was a big one for a lot of the folks who had to miss out on the conference this year, so I wanted to get you the information so you wouldn’t have to miss it after all. 

You know, one of the best things about the conference so far for me was our FDL Caucus yesterday.  It’s weird, because most of us had never met before in our lives other than online, but it really felt like we were all hanging out with family.  I know that sounds a little corny, but that was honestly the atmosphere in the room — okay, family that really gets excited when they talk about politics and wonky policy stuff…but still, just like family.  We’re missing the rest of you who couldn’t make the trip — just wanted everyone to know that as well.

So use this thread to discuss the panel or whatever else you guys are doing today.  And please, those of you with access to the panel coverage, if you could describe it for the folks who can’t tune in, that would be awfully kind of you.  Now, need to get my butt in gear to get ready for the panel…and get myself some coffee.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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