Live from KOS!

It would seem that Yearly Kos is the biggest thing in Las Vegas not put on Cirque du Soleil and if you went to Ka, well, you were close, but no cigar. Right down the hallway was a convention of people holding workshops on serving seniors and, although the sparks were flying at the Matlock panel, I made way down to Kos.

There are a lot of people here; sincere honest people who care about democracy, their freedoms, and future of America. Byron York is also here. Oh, and there is Maureen Dowd (who just returned with coffee for herself and Adam Nagourney and, no, he didn’t tip her), and the former Wonkette, Ann Marie Cox, who never seems to hold still, constantly circling the room like a shark. Late in the day I was walking out with Matt Stoller from My DD, and when he stopped Ms. Cox to speak to her she acted as if she had just been caught trying to sneak a hotel bathrobe out. Fame will do that to you.

I, on the other hand, am fairly anonymous (probably because I’m only “fairly popular”) and that suits me fine.

I’ll leave it to the legion of other bloggers who are breathlessly live-blogging the event to give you the minute by minute, but it has been interesting meeting all of the other bloggers who I have been reading and exchanging emails with for the past going on four years.

If only they would stop with the startled looks when I introduce myself…

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