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Late Nite FDL: Coulter Loses the Plot

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(Evenin’, Firedogs!  It’s TRex again.  I’ll be covering Late Nite tonight, Sunday, and maybe Monday.  Tomorrow night, my dashing twin brother will be along with a primer on great gospel music of the 50’s and 60’s, and Pachacutec will be back on Saturday night.  Hope you enjoy!)

In what is looking increasingly like an elaborate form of career sepuku, Republican pundette Ann Coulter seems to be doing everything within her power to alienate whatever tiny percentage of the population still takes her seriously.  In a scorched-earth PR Junket o’ Hate that must be making Michelle Malkin puce with envy, Coulter, 44, made her first (now notorious) stop on the Today Show on Tuesday, then rode her broom over to the friendlier airspace of The Situation with Tucker Carlson.  Keith Olbermann makes several very valid points about those two appearances (thank you, C&L), and speaking of C&L, John Amato was able to provide a venue for the 9/11 widows to respond to Coulter’s demented rantings, and their rebuttal is well worth a read.

Not content with dipping her reputation (such as it is) in kerosene and setting it on fire, on Wednesday Coulter descended like a plague of locusts on the residents of the Long Island town of Huntington, who lost 34 citizens on 9/11. In an appearance there, she attempted to justify attacking the 9/11 widows by saying, "I think I’ve broken the taboo.  I’m not going to treat them like victims."

(Uh, Ann, frankly there are some taboos that shouldn’t be broken.  One of them is casting aspersions at people who have already suffered deep and wrenching personal tragedy.  It’s not a "liberal doctrine of infallibility" that keeps normal people from attacking Cindy Sheehan and the 9/11 widows as you allege, it’s something that, here on planet earth, we call BASIC HUMAN DECENCY.  But, in true Reich Wing form, you’d rather blame the victims and make a pile of money in the process.  Why not?  It’s the American Way!) 

One Huntington city official penned a letter to Coulter, saying, "We are disgusted with your comments…Your latest comments regarding the 9/11 widows are a disgrace to thousands who died on that day."

Ann made a big show of tearing the letter up before a crowd of baying, hooting supporters.  What a classy gal, that Ann! But what genuinely makes me dizzy is the realization that by antagonizing and vilifying the families of the victims of 9/11, has she not done a complete 180 (or is it a 360?) around to being on the side of the terrorists?  Like when Bill O’Reilly offered San Francisco to Al Q’aeda, you have to wonder exactly who these people are cheering for. 

I know that I am not alone in hoping that this marks the end of Coulter’s foul, disingenuous campaign to be Pox News’s very own Leni Riefenstahl.  Maybe finally she’s sent that black dress to the cleaners one too many times. Maybe the culture is finally rediscovering its collective gag reflex.  Maybe she knows the book is a stinker and wants to be able to say that it failed because of the hullabaloo (no offense, Digby!) surrounding her remarks, rather than failing purely on its own merits.

"She just makes stuff up, doesn’t she?" asked Kathy Griffin on the same edition of the Today Show. Well, Kath, let’s just say that research isn’t exactly her best friend. And this new steaming pile of horse poo promises to pack some real whoppers, if this sample chapter is any indication.  (WARNING: You will lose measurable points off of your IQ if you read the whole thing.  Not suitable for children.)

One of the best reactions I’ve read to Coulter’s ravings is Jane Smiley’s "All American Hate Speech" (via Huffington): 

She looks crazy and frantic, even in the few pictures I’ve seen of her online. She’s losing weight, as if there’s some kind of underlying pathology going on, as if she’s eating herself up from inside. Fear and hatred and paranoia do take their toll, and if this is her problem, I would normally be sympathetic, and see her utterances as a cry for help, but then we are faced with the enabling problem–members of the mainstream culture must be enabling her for some reason of their own…

Something is clearly wrong.  Ann, if you’re listening, you need help.  If you’re not on medication, seek the advice of a physician and go on something.  If you are taking drugs, for God’s sake, stop at once.  Maybe you’re enjoying your role as the Tonya Harding of the punditocracy, but personally, I think you need to take some time off, get some rest, maybe eat something besides rice cakes and human hearts, and see if you can’t get some closure on that whole Felony Voter Fraud suit against you in Florida.  For your own good.  Oh, and you should maybe try going to church.  Over at Raw Story , they’re reporting that the people at your alleged church have never seen you there.  Judging from your present course, it’s only a matter of time before you go wandering through the lobby of The Four Seasons in your nightie, glassy-eyed and muttering, or turn up unannounced for a woozy strip-tease on Sean Hannity’s show.  These days, watching you spew your bilge on TV is like watching a drunk cross an icy street carrying a crate of rusty nails and broken glassware.  It’s all fun and games, but before long, somebody’s going to lose an eye, and then it won’t be funny anymore.

It’ll be hilarious. 

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