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Viva Las Vegas…


Well, I’ve made it to Las Vegas for YearlyKos.  Aside from having to get up at 4 am ET this morning (blergh), the trip has been pretty painless. 

And our hotel room has a sweeeet view of the strip, which will be quite nice when the sun goes down.  So life is good for me and Mr. ReddHedd, who has tagged along to play a little poker and meet the folks with whom I spend my days (and nights and…).

Met one other YearlyKos attendee on our Phoenix to Vegas hop — Susan recognized me by my hair, and stopped to say howdy on the way back to her seat.  The flight was so short that we didn’t really get a chance to talk much, and only saw each other passing by in the cab line outside the airport before we were whisked away in our respective rides to the hotel.  Hope we get to talk a bit more over the next few days.  It’s so great to start putting faces to all the names!

I’ve put out some e-mails to Gina (who is running YearlyKos) and Siun (who is running media for the conference).  Larry Johnson and Amb. Joe Wilson are already in town, and I hear that Matt Stoller will be in at some point this evening.  (I’ll look for him at the bar later…)  Jane and Pach get in tomorrow — that’s going to be such a weird convergence to have all three of us in the same space at the same time.  Vegas may NEVER be the same!

The good news is that I’m already up a bit playing video poker.  (Better enjoy that while it lasts…my luck never seems to hold, but it’s a fun ride when you can find one.)  Cha-ching!

Tomorrow’s festivities for me include some media training; a 2:00 pm PT interview with the local Vegas NPR station — along with Pontificator and Brian Keeler;  and the FDL Caucus, which will begin around 5:45 pm PT.  I have a fun "get to know your blog pals" idea — hope it works.

Friday morning is the big Plame Panel.  I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous given the gravitas and bona fides that will be sitting at the panelist table, but I have some notes sketched out and will be working more on my portion this evening.  Huge thanks to Swopa and PollyUSA and AnonymousLiberal and Jeralyn — who sent along some extra thoughts about panel issues to discuss — very, very helpful.  (And I’ll finally get to meet Swopa in person, which is awfully fun, I must say.)

I hear through the grapevine that C-Span may be broadcasting selected panels live — depending on Congressional schedules — I’ll update once I know something for certain on that.  I also hear that Air America Radio is offering a YearlyKos package for $10 or so for folks who want to listen in at home.  (Although I can’t seem to connect to the Air America website from here…so you’ll have to log in and check on that yourself and I’ll link it up when I can get to it.)

There’s a cocktail party/dinner Friday evening that I’ll be attending with some bloggers and some media types that ought to make for some intriguing posts the next day, if nothing else.  I have to say, I’m looking forward to some investigative peeking into how the cocktail weenie circuit lives…and I promise not to get used to it.

Saturday morning is, of course, the FDL Breakfast.  Wish everyone could be there — but I promise we’ll try to get some pictures and will at least post some details as soon as we can for everyone at home.  Later on Saturday, I have a Blogger Ethics panel that ought to be very fun.

There’s lots and lots more at YearlyKos, but it’s more than I can remember off the top of my head…so take a peek at the schedule and make a list of all the great things you want to do and see.  You know, stuff like Harry Reid and Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi and…well, it’s a lot of GREAT stuff. 

See some of you soon in Vegas…and the rest of you as often as I can get back to the laptop and blog all the doings at the conference.

(Well, not ALL the doings.  Some things, after all, DO get to stay in Vegas…)

PS — I hadn’t asked this before, but who all IS coming to YearlyKos?

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