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Pissypants Crowd Fears Gore

They used to mock him.  Now they’re giving him the shrieking orc treatment.  The bedwetting team is scared. . . witless. . . of Al Gore and his new movie, An Inconvenient Truth (which you can pledge to see here).

Search for blog entries mentioning Al Gore at Technorati to see how HUGE the buzz is around him now.  You’ll see a lot of cheering, enthusastic welcoming of Gore back to the public scene, mixed in with heaping septic mountains of flying wingnut feces.  I could provide you with links to show how unhinged and terrified the right wing is of Gore, but I don’t link to them.  You know the usual sites and suspects.  Technorati will help you see what I’m talking about.

Why do they fear Gore? 

Well, for one, he is telling the truth.  His message is popular and timely in the post-Katrina era.  The energy lobby is furiously lying like Mike McCurry to step on Gore’s message.  Gore is the last Democrat to win the national popular vote, and the highest total Democratic vote getter ever.  He’s looking relaxed, focused and fearless, and though he says he’s not running for president, insiders seem to doubt him and outsiders are trying to draft him.

What’s more, his signature issue – taking action to avoid global calamity in the form of irreversible climate change – is a potential political game changer.  It gives people something far more genuine to fear, and bedwetters are all about harnessing fear to promote their political ends.  They don’t want their monopoly challenged.  The issue also requires communal action and solutions, which would move the country away from the wingnut preferred social darwinism to a progressive vision like that espoused in the holiday classic It’s A Wonderful Life.  In that spirit, Gore offers not just a message of devastating warning, but also a message of hope for change grounded in a belief in the can-do American spirit to unleash talent and energy in support of energy innovation.

Gore was right about the first Gulf War and about the second Gulf War (a. k. a., the fiasco).  He was visionary about the Internet and has been all over the climate change issue for decades.  He pulls no punches on Bushco’s right wing power grab.  If Gore ever does run, he could be propelled by much the same kind of  movement that is displacing his former running mate, the same kind of movement propelling Jon Tester. . .only on national super-steroids.

No wonder they’re staining their Underoos

Don’t misunderstand me:  I’m not saying Gore should run, nor am I in any way endorsing any ’08 Democratic candidates.  I am pointing out that there’s a seismic shift going on in American politics, and the right wing is quite characteristically howling insanely with sputtering, fearful rage. 

Consider this is an all-things-Gore, all-things climate change discussion thread.  Have you pledged to see the movie yet?

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